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UniPolar 迴旋射頻把科研、抗皺、塑身 、暖宮集於一身。

以色列以創新高端科研技術帶領全球,開創首屈一指的射頻、激光醫學美容市場。 ALMA LASERS在99年創立口碑以醫學科研融入美容的智慧的ALMA Beauty 品牌。ALMA Beauty 系列的SPA RF PRO,榮獲歐盟CE認證, 能無創高效打造每一寸肌膚的緊緻減齡 、溶脂塑身、暖宮養生。

SPA RF PRO 擁有全球唯一UniPolar 迴旋射頻技術,配合旋轉式探頭以遞進皮下10mm-20mm 帶動皮膚中的水分子光速轉動及相互磨擦, 激發40.68MHz變頻速率產生熱能,當加熱至40℃時 (肌底溫度達至55-65℃) , 能對臉部、身體各部位的真皮組織進行徹底加熱令膠原大量增生,從而去皺彈滑、緊緻抗垂,同時誘發酵素增加,加速新陳代謝,達致直正的隔空溶脂;UniPolar 射頻熱效應,更能為女士養生暖宮,消除炎症。

SPA RF PRO 配有TEC Technology 同步冷卻系統令皮膚表面溫度維持於40度左右,不需擔心灼熱或輸出過多能量的美容醫療事故,令療程安全舒適高效,肌膚立即呈現超越HIFU 的立體緊緻,全方位切合現代美學及醫療應用的特別需要。

SPA RF PRO -- UniPolar  Radio Frequency Technology

ALMA Beauty is the fruit of Alma Lasers' aesthetic and medical experiences since 1999. With the leading technology in Lasers and Radio Frequency, ALMA Beauty is the best for the Beauty market. SPA RF PRO, with CE approval, delivers the best in skin rejuvenating, body contouring and womb warming. 

SPA RF PRO facilitates deep and homogeneous heating for visible and long lasting results, while sending energy at a frequency of 40.68MHz to the tissue about 10 to 20mm beneath the skin surface. This intensive energy creates a Dielectric Heating effect- causing rapid rotation of water molecules to generate friction and produce deep, powerful and effective heating. The mechanism, which heats up to 55 - 65 degree Celsius,  induces contracting of collagen fibers and stimulating the formation of new collagen, improving thickness and alignment in the dermis. The UniForm handpiece comes with a mechanical add-on to increase metabolism with subcutaneous tissue and improve the appearing of cellulite, while facilitating lymphatic draining during the RF treatment. This mechanism eases the painful period for woman and comfort the inflammatory within the treatment area. 

The surface temperature is accurately controlled around 40 degree Celsius by TEC (Thermoelectric Cooling technology) facilitates the delivery of RF energy deep into the skin without causing patient bruising or discomfort. Patients may resume normal activities right after treatment (No downtime), SPA RF PRO gives out better result than other contouring treatments and fulfills the modern aesthetic needs. 

SPA RF PRO -- Main Body
SPA RF PRO -- UniLarge handpiece

UniLarge Handpiece

UniLarge 探頭能對面部及細緻部位徹底加熱令膠原大量增生,探頭上更配有溫度顯示方便即時監察皮膚溫度。

Uses UniPolar RF energy to contract collagen fibers within the skin and stimulate the formation of new collagen. This Applicator is equipped with an internal thermometer.

UniForm Handpiece

UniForm 配有旋轉按摩探頭,能深入傳送熱能同時按摩皮下組織加快新陳代謝。

Combines high energy UniPolar RF technology with a rotative applicator. This delivers deep dermal heating, while increasing metabolism within subcutaneous tissue, to improve the appearance of cellulite. 

SPA RF PRO -- UniForm Handpiece
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