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REJUVE透過"Dye-PL" 和"AFT"技術令彩光不只如激光般有效,而且更安全、更高成本效益, 集"美白、嫩膚、除斑、緊緻、提升"五大功能於一身。

​REJUVE 適用於所有膚質,能有效改善膚色以及對付所有色斑和疤痕問題。

Based on the new Dye-PL technology, REJUVE is as effective as laser treatments, combined with the safety, versatility and low-cost of pulsed light.

Dye-PL is a high-end, professional-grade skin rejuvenation technology. It is one of the most efficient methods used to achieve uniform skin tone and texture, with fewer treatments and faster results.

REJUVE as the unique combination of Alma’s exclusive Dye-PL and AFT technologies targets all layers of hyperpigmentation, including dark skin, as well as all types of pigmented and vascular lesions.

Rejuve -- Main Body
Rejuve -- NIR Handpiece
NIR Handpiece


NIR (Near Infra-Red) 近紅外線光熱原理,直接作用於真皮膠原層,促進真皮膠原蛋白增生,以此修復受損老化的膠原層,從而達到表皮美白、真皮嫩膚的雙重效果。 另外,此探頭没有任何發數限制,進一步提升療程的成本效益。

Near Infra-red will enable the tightening and contouring of face and body by stimulating the growth of collagen. This applicator enable easy delegation to staff, and has no pulse limits or operating costs. 

SSR Handpiece

採用SSR 光波,針對黑色素的選擇性吸收原理,直接作用於表皮。

Using Super-Skin Rejuvenation technology to whiten the skin by the selective absorption of melanin and acting directly into the dermal layers.  

Rejuve -- SSR Handpiece
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