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ALMA BEAUTY REBOOST 以一種先進的皮膚治療解決方案,可以有效治療多種皮膚問題而無創、安全及即時見效。



ALMA 利用專利 IMPACT 透皮技術,透過超聲波在皮膚表面形成"推拉作用"(Pull & Push) 的機械效應,能清除皮膚表面的角質和油脂,同時在角質層的細胞膜產生直徑約25-75微米的氣泡或孔道,從而突破皮膚的自然屏障;"推拉作用"會產生熱效應,提高身陳代謝,促進血液循環。在機械和熱效應的共同作用下,能增強營養液對皮膚細胞的滲透和流動性,該活動性更能維持長達30分鐘,大大加強了皮膚的修護和復原能力。

各項臨床實驗和測試都證實REBOOST 能把有效成份送進皮膚底層以及增強各種皮膚護理產品的成效。


ALMA BEAUTY REBOOST uses the power of acoustic oscillations to enhance the effectiveness of the entire skin treatment session- from cleansing and exfoliation to the application and penetration of therapeutic dermatological ingredients.


REBOOST emits acoustic waves of mechanical pressure on the skin. These create a push and pull effect, exfoliating the skin by removing dead skin cells and excess sebum. The acoustic vibrations also cause gaseous bubbles within the skin’s barrier, or the stratum corneum, to rapidly expand and collapse. This disorganizes the lipid bi-layer, creating crevices and pores between 25-75 micrometers in diameter, and increases the fluidity of the lipids in the stratum corneum.


More fluidity in sub-epidermal tissue allows topical ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply and effectively. Both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds are effectively delivered to the target tissue depth and remain active for up to 30 minutes after application, for maximally effective skin repair and aesthetic enhancement.

Multiple clinical studies and extensive laboratory testing has proven the ability of REBOOST technology to deliver active ingredients deep beyond the skin barrier and has shown positive change in skin appearance following each treatment.

The REBOOST treatment is easy to administer, is safe for all skin types and can be performed all year round. Patients experience no discomfort or downtime and enjoy immediate, dramatic results.

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