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以色列Alma Lasers於1999年成立,是一家以突破性創新科技引領全球的醫療儀器研發和生產商。

Alma Lasers首創的技術在業內獨一無二,專利的40.68MHz單極射頻於2004年成為第二個獲FDA認證的單極射頻技術,其原理大幅度提高了射頻治療的安全性、舒適度及應用範疇,開創美容治療先河 。


2013年 Alma Lasers廣泛利用精準度以及能量功率更高的激光技術於醫療級的微創外科手術當中, Alma Lasers 的科技在婦科,耳鼻喉,多汗症,吸脂技術及心血管手術中獲得高度的讚賞和評價。


直至2015年,Alma Lasers開創ALMA BEAUTY 系列,以高端首創科技為基礎,揉合多年醫學美容臨床實證,大幅提高儀器的美、康、健三大範疇及其操作之安全性。


Alma Lasers的各項技術均通過美國FDA、歐盟CE和ISO認證,亦成功獲得全球5000多間醫療美容用户一致認可和讚譽!



Alma Lasers established since 1999 in Israel, and since then, it is always the leading and innovative aesthetic equipment manufacturers in the world.

Alma Lasers are famous in their sole and unique technology in the industry, its 40.68MHz Unipolar is the second FDA approved unipolar radio frequency for aesthetic therapeutic treatment, its breaking-through technology raised the Safety and Comfort of RF treatment to a new level.

In 2013, Alma Lasers established its surgical division, Alma Surgical, to offer minimally invasive surgical procedures using the power and precision of laser technology. Alma Surgical offers outpatient solutions in the fields of Gynecology, ENT, Liposuction, Hyperhidrosis and Vascular procedures.

Alma Lasers launched the Alma Beauty brand for Aestheticians in 2015, offering a gentler approach to aesthetic care based on Alma’s medical aesthetic solutions.

All technologies of Alma Lasers are approved by FDA, CE and ISO with the recognition of more than 5000 aesthetic clinics.

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